2017 Centennial Cup Challenge

Congratulations to our 2017 winners - Tom Hoffer and Matt Klida!

Congratulations to Andy Drohen and Steve Thys for taking home the Centennial Cup for 2016.

As you know the RIGCSA created this challenge as a fun way for us to raise money for the Centennial Anniversary. Those that participated last year had a blast, and we hope that we can get more teams this year.

Half of the monies collected from entry fees will be allocated to the fund for the Centennial Anniversary, while the other half is returned to the winners in the form of prize money.

This is a four-ball event, 2 man teams, competing against each other in a single elimination tournament.  There is a maximum of 18-strokes off of the lowest handicap in the group.  

Entry fee is $50 per team ($25 per person)

We prefer to have teams that consist of at least (1) Superintendent but teams can consist of any two RIGCSA members.
Each player must have a current USGA/GHIN Number and Handicap.

Deadline to sign up is April 21st; payment must be received along with team submission.

Based on number of entries, the Tournament Committee will create the brackets based off of current USGA handicaps, all play off of the lowest player.

The brackets will be emailed out to all participants, and will include the play-by dates as set by the committee.  *If a match goes un-played, the committee will flip a coin to see who progresses with no exceptions. 

Thanks and Good Luck!
Nick Burchard, Centennial Tournament Chairperson

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